What's Soul got to do with it? 




  1. : the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

  2. : a person's total self

  3. : the moral and emotional nature of human beings

    1. b: the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment

    2. c: spiritual or moral force : FERVOR

  4. : a strong positive feeling (as of intense sensitivity and emotional fervor) conveyed especially by African American performers

  5. : cultural consciousness and pride among people of African heritage

Sugarbaby Honeychild infuses our heart and soul into every dish and in every interaction with our guests.

We intensely and intentionally believe in and are committed to:

-Providing superior positive uplifting service EVERY TIME that exceeds expectations (you can get bad service at home *Kanye shrug*)

-ONLY utilizing locally sourced, organic, clean, farm-to-table ingredients in every one of our dishes (we try to get you as close to "Big Mama's" Kitchen as possible. While we don't go out back and pluck and shuck a chicken, we make sure we are only one step away from the folks that do. 

-Providing soul and comfort foods made COMPLETELY from scratch. 

-Providing AMAZING authentic music and entertainment providing a memorable soundtrack streaming under your dining experience. 

-Providing unforgettable and gossip-able catering and event experiences for you and yours. 

The Sugarbaby Honeychild diner is just the beginning. Issa a soul movement coming for the Las Vegas Valley. We're 'bout this life...it's not just food...issa lifestyle. 

Authentic. Wholesome. Pure. Real. Consistent. Delicious. 

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We've got Soul! (Come get you some)

We are designing a space that is comfy and cool all at the same time...worthy of selfies on the 'gram (with the food to match!)  We are looking to open our doors in late 2022 with nightly gospel, blues, soul, r&b! Subscribe for updates!


Til' then...We will deliver all this soul to your favorite spot (your front door!)! Make your order today! 


Mississippi's Darling...

Las Vegas' Newest Soul Food Queen in Town

Jj is multi-faceted in that she is an international award-winning, Billboard chart-topping blues artist better known as "Jj Thames", a 4th generation preacher, and a gifted soul & comfort food chef. Somehow, it all smashes together and folds neatly into the entity called SugarBaby HoneyChild.


After hour juke joints (like her paternal grandmother, Mary, used to own in the 40's and 50's in Emporia, Virginia), chitlin' circuit blues clubs where she cut her teeth as a blues artist, Sunday dinners, and fish frys at her maternal grandparents home and church in Tuskeegee, Alabama where she visited every summer starting at the age of 5, are all in her blood and seem to seep from her fingertips into her soulful dishes.


She also has a knack for large and small event planning teeming with genteel southern hospitality, and a keen eye for attention to detail (her mother taught her the ropes of entertaining as she was a highly sought-after event planner in Mississippi for many years preceding her death).

Although Jj grew up vegan and vegetarian...She spent her early adult years living in Jackson, Mississippi...where she learned about and how to cook soul food, worked in hospitality, and performed in many award-winning southern-fare restaurants, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. She has served as a general manager for restaurants in New York City's famed Greenwich Village, and in Detroit, Michigan. She has also worked as a bar manager, server, bartender, and event coordinator for some of the top restaurants, chefs, and event companies in the nation. Although she has worked in many different establishments serving eclectic fare and has traveled all over the world performing and had the pleasure to sample different dishes from other nations. American southern soul and comfort food has always been her calling card and passion.  

Her dream as a small child was to open up a restaurant/entertainment venue reminiscent of the Cotton Club in New York City during the Harlem Renaissance, serving good food, an unforgettable atmosphere, and phenomenal service. What better place to establish that dream than in the culinary and entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada?! 

A resident of Las Vegas since 2018, Jj has fallen in love with the downtown area, and is looking forward to bringing her brand of soul to the strip, and beyond. It's utterly American...and deliciously so. 



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